About RSD

We provide landscape designs, education, ideas and ways to save and reuse water in your landscape. Priorities include:

  • collecting rainwater and greywater in your landscape
  • building healthy soil that retains water and reduces runoff
  • suggestions for plant materials that have adapted to our climate and conserve water, while also providing habitat for wildlife.

Also known as a “watershed approach” to landscaping, this method considers rainwater as a resource that benefits our ecosystem as a whole. It involves building berms and swales to capture rainwater, incorporating greywater, building soil that retains water, using climate adapted plants and eliminating pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This total view of conservation reduces water consumption, pollution, greenhouse gases and energy use to restore a sustainable and life-supporting environment.

Education and Training 

    • EPA Water Sense Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor by G3-Green Gardens Group
    • Greywater Installer’s Certification with Laura Allen at Eco-Village in Los Angeles July 2015
    • Environmental Horticulture Certificate from SBCC, with a focus on sustainable landscape construction projects 
    • Greywater Hands on Workshops with Art Ludwig in Santa Barbara October 17 and November 21, 2014
    • Green Gardener Certificate from County of Santa Barbara Green Gardener Program
    • Watershed Management Group Apprenticeship Training August 15 – 24, 2012 in Santa Barbara (Grey water and Rain Water Harvesting)  
    • ARCSA Accredited Professional class July 10 – 11, 2014 in Santa Barbara
    • Applied Watershed Restoration Techniques and Introduction to Keyline Design– Quail Springs (Fall 2012 )
    • Permaculture Designs course with Warren Brush at Quail Springs
    • G3-Green Gardens Group Certified Trainer
    • Past Board member of Ventura Ocean Friendly Gardens

Above, video of Ojai rain garden in action

Rain For Climate Part 2: Reversing Sea Level Rise and Global Climate Cooling from Raleigh Latham on Vimeo.

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