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Water in the Local NEWS

Ventura River Watershed Council
Next meeting Thursday November 3rd 2016, from 9:00 am to 11:30 am  discussion of the Draft Ojai Basin Alternative Groundwater Sustainability Plan, and an update on the Ventrua River instream flow requirement. The Bell Arts Factory  community room 432 N. Ventura Ave, Ventura, CA 93001.
At July 7th, 2016  meeting Ventura River Flow Requirements were discussed with
Kevin DeLanos, State Water Resources Control Board Division of Water Rights, Instream Flow Unit
Kevin spoke about Governor Brown’s California Water Action Plan directive for the
State Water Board and the California Department of Fish and
Wildlife to work together to establish a flow requirement to
protect endangered salmonids while balancing the other
beneficial uses of water.

Rainfall Data- yes, we  had a little rain the end of October, 2016—enough to clean off the dusty leaves, .74 inches.




Rainscape Designs provide a lush landscape – even in the drought!

Rainscape Design captures rainwater and survives the drought!

AFTER:  It Works! The berms (high spots) and swales (low spots ) direct rainwater from the roof, gutters and downspouts into basins that slow, sink and spread rainwater into the landscape. The rainwater doesn’t runoff but is collected and stored in mulched basins.  This landscape is “Ocean Friendly” and “River Friendly” and even “Watershed Friendly”—  it captures and stores rainwater and reduces runoff into our rivers, creeks and the ocean.

Rainscape Design captures rainwater!

BEFORE:  The grass has gotta go!  In Ojai, one square foot of turf requires about 51 inches of water a year (more in the summer, less in the winter).  It also needs mowing, edging, blowing, irrigation maintenance, fertilizer etc.  It is also flat and water runs off.  It also attract gophers.img_4734