Greywater Resources

From Ventura County Building & Safety

Plumbing Code for Graywater -2007 Adopted 16A Revised
Graywater Parts and Supply List (LGDS)
Guidelines for the Installation of Residential Laundry Graywater Disposal System (LGDS) (11″ x 17″) – GW-1
Guidelines for the Installation of Residential Laundry Graywater Disposal System (LGDS) (18″ x 24″) – GW-1

Non Potable Rainwater Catchment Systems

P14 – Non Potable Rainwater Catchment Systems 11″x17″


Greywater from washing machines directed into mulched basins does not require a permit in Ventura County, as long as the installer follows some standards developed by State of CA, and revised by the County of Ventura (see the GW-1 guidelines).  Greywater from bathroom sinks, tubs and showers can be redirected into your landscape where is a permit is required, with design considerations recently developed by the County of Ventura  (see GW-2 guidelines).  Reuse of greywater from kitchen sinks is currently prohibited.

Our local contact is Jim MacDonald, director of  Ventura County Building and Safety Division (654-2787 or  Jim wrote an article on greywater for the Ventura County Star that is a good overview of GW-1 standards (where no permit is required) and available here:

 The County typically does several greywater workshops throughout the year.  Here are links to websites with more info:

State of California graywater code, CPC Title 24, Part 5, Chapter 16A,

County of Ventura Building & Safety, Resources and Guidelines for GW-1


Laura Allen’s Website Greywater Action
AND Book:The Water-Wise Home by Laura Allen Storey Publishing, 2015.

Site of Art Ludwig, who started greywater regulation revolution in Santa Barbara (1989) AND Book: The New Create an Oasis with Greywater: Choosing Building and Using Greywater Systems. Art Ludwig, Oasis Design, 2006.

Brad Lancaster’s website AND Book: Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond. Brad Lancaster, Rainsource Press, 2008.


San Francisco Graywater Design Manual for Outdoor Irrigation.

San Luis Obispo Guide to the use of Graywater

City of Malibu, Ca – Graywater Resournces

Online Parts Info

CLEAN WATER Components

A Greywater kit from costs about $300 (Aqua flo to carry all the parts as a “ kit” so people can get parts locally).

City of Thousand Oaks Parts List


Ask This Old House episode on greywater:,,20803344,00.html

MOVIES TO LOOK FOR: Watershed Revolution, DAMNATION and WATERSHED: Exploring a New Water Ethic for a New West

Below is 3 way valve set up for a laundry to landscape greywater system, with fittings and  flow direction from drain to sewer or landscape identified.

IMG_1941 (1)


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