About RainScape Designs

WATER!  We are all about water: capturing it, storing it and letting it flow into our landscapes!

Rainscape Designs provides water saving landscape designs and education on how to collect and store rain or grey water in the landscape, with designs to capture water,  build healthy soil, and conserve our water resources with climate appropriate plants (that also provide habitat for wildlife) while reducing pollution and  runoff into our oceans, rivers and streams.

I’ve worked on several projects in Ventura, Ojai and Santa Barbara—all sculpting for rain water catchment, greywater reuse or rain tank installations.


Jeff Adams creates an Ocean Friendly Garden in Santa Barbara

This Old House “How to Build a Raingarden” in Portland Oregon

See the video below that explains how to do it (from Maryland)



Ocean Friendly Garden Ojai

Renee Roth
email me at Renee@rainscapedesigns.com