How to water Trees

From Ojai Trees web site:

Each time you water the tree it should be a slow deep soak at the edges of the tree’s dripline (not directly on the trunk), with water penetrating to the deeper tree roots – 12″ deep for a young tree. For most new 15 gallon size trees, this will be about 10 to 15 gallons of water. Then wait and let the surface layer (top 6″) dry out between waterings. If you do this you will be able to water less often and the tree’s roots will go deeper, which is a good thing.

A soil probe is the best tool to quickly check subsurface moisture. It also has the added benefit of letting some air into the soil. Yes, air – it’s one of the ingredients plant roots need in order to live. Also, if you think it best to err on the side of too much, keep this in mind: Most residential plant problems are caused by overwatering. 

Keeping all that in mind, we suggest you water your tree once a week in summer; every 10 to 14 days in spring and fall. Keep track of the weather. More frequent waterings may be necessary in very hot weather. In cool, moist weather or heavy soils that hold water (like clay) water less frequently.


Santa Barbara – Graywater and Rainwater


Rainwater Harvesting

via Santa Barbara – Graywater and Rainwater.


Santa Barbara Water Harvesting Events – January and February

Jan/Feb 2014
Watershed Management Group , Sweet Water Collaborative, SBCity College, Ocean Friendly Gardens series of Classes in Santa Barbara
Roof Water Catchments with Sweet Water Collaborative
Wed  Jan 22 5:30pm -8:30pm and Sat Jan 25 Workshop 9am-3pm

Rain Water Harvesting Series with SB City College Jan 30/Feb 1 and Feb 8

Water Harvesting Project Tour collaboration  with Surfrider   Sat Feb 15

For more info Jeff Adams project manager jeffrey@terrasophia.com 415-306-6618



Info on Sustainable Landscaping

Water agencies generally have water conservation tips on their websites.  Here are some good ones I have found that I would like to keep track of and pass along.

Landscape Water Conservation Brochures 

Many of these come from Santa Barbara County Water Agencies and the City of Santa Barbara
WaterWiseSB.org or call 805-568-3440
Below info provided by:  Network of Santa Barbara County Water Providers

How to be Water-Wise in Your Garden – Simple steps you can take to save water today!

Water Wise Plants for Santa Barbara – Examples of how to create lush landscapes using less water

Working with Your Gardener – Bilingual brochure to help you communicate your needs with your gardener

Sustainable Landscaping – Resource efficient landscapes for Santa Barbara County

Easy Water Wise Gardening– Sunset Magazine publication covers plants, irrigation, and how to do it all in style

FireWise and WaterWise Landscaping – Visit City of Santa Barbara’s Firescape Demonstration Garden to learn how to reduce landscape water use and protect your home from fire

Gardening with California Natives – Provided by the California Native Plant Society

Rain Gardens– This guide will teach you how to capture rain off your roof or hardscape and use it in your yard

Santa Maria Valley Sustainable Garden – Tour this North Santa Barbara County demonstration garden

Green Gardener Program – Partnership with Santa Barbara City College to teach sustainable gardening techniques

Sheet Mulching From the Ground Up – NEW! Learn how to kill off grass and weeds while building healthy soil

Successful Planting – Planting guide from the Green Gardening Group for how to plant successfully.

Irrigation System Brochures

Irrigation System Evaluations for Large Landscapes – Free evaluations to improve irrigation performance

Irrigation System Evaluations for Agriculture – Free evaluations to improve irrigation performance

Improving Irrigation Efficiency – Use the latest weather data to adjust your irrigation schedule

Sprinkler to Drip Retrofit – Step by step guide to help you convert to drip irrigation

Sprinkler to Rotary Nozzle Retrofit – Step by step guide to help you convert to rotary nozzles

Irrigation Controllers for the Homeowner – Highlights important irrigation controller features

Spanish Language Brochures

Trabajando con su Jardinero para un jardin sano

Programa ‘Green Gardener’

Jardineria Con Plantas Nativas de California

Dinero para Hacer su Jardin mas Eficaz en el Uso de Agua

Evaluaciones de Sistemas de Riego

Rociador para Reconstruir el Goteo

Rociador para Boquilla Giratoria

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Demonstration Gardens in SB and Ventura

Demonstration Gardens

Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden

City block bounded by Arrellaga, Santa Barbara, Garden and Micheltorena Streets, Santa Barbara

A 4.6-acre informal park emphasizing exotic flora. The planting areas are separated according to cultural conditions, ranging from boggy to arid, with a special section on low-water using plants. Plant directory is near center of the park, above the pond. Low-water using demonstration portion is southern half of garden with a interpretative sign, brochure, and plant list in the south, west corner of the garden. Open 8 am to sunset every day. Self-guided tours only.

Carpinteria Valley Water District Sustainable Garden

1301 Santa Ynez Ave, Carpinteria

Over 120 different plants on display. Brochures and plant lists are available on-site. Self guided Tours only. The Carpinteria Beautiful chose the garden for the “Lookin’ Good” award. Self-guided tours only. For information, call (805) 684-2816.

Chia Nursery

6380 Via Real (down Lomita Lane – watch for sign), Carpinteria

A diverse display, including unusual low-water using plants, in front of a retail nursery. Open Monday-Saturday 8:00 am to 4:30 PM. For more information, call (805) 684-3382.

City of Lompoc Drought Tolerant Garden

1801 West Central Avenue, Lompoc

The 1/4-mile garden path features native California plants, mulch, granite pathways, and is irrigated with reclaimed water. Open sunrise to sunset every day. Call (805) 736-5083 to arrange group tours.


2411 Stanwood Drive/Route 192 (corner of Mission Ridge Road), Santa Barbara

Located across the street from Fire Station #7, this 1.7-acre labeled model garden demonstrates how risks of wildfire can be reduced through appropriate planting of low-water using plants, irrigation, and management. Open 8 am to sunset every day. For information, call (805) 564-5703.

Goleta Water District Water-Wise Garden

4699 Hollister Avenue (corner of Puente Street), Goleta

Features many native California plants and other non-native low-water using plants. Open 8a.m. to sunset every day. A recently installed edible landscape demonstrates water wise edibles, a rain catchment system and other permaculture features. NEW! To arrange a tour, call (805) 964-6761.

Manzanita Nursery’s Griffin Demonstration Garden

880 Chalk Hill Road, Solvang

Features rich hues and contrasting textures of water-wise, low maintenance plants at a retail nursery. Open Fridays and Saturdays 9:00 am- 5:00 pm and by appointment during the week. For more information, call 805 688-9692.

Montecito Water District Water Wise Demonstration Garden

583 San Ysidro Road (above East Valley Road), Montecito

A labeled low-water using garden featuring a variety of Mediterranean plants. Open 8 am to sunset every day. For information, call (805) 969-2271.

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

12212 Mission Canyon Road, Santa Barbara

A 65-acre garden of native plants of California, representing a variety of plant communities and important botanical and horticultural collections. The Home Demonstration Garden at the Botanic Garden is a working model of year-round water efficient landscaping for residential settings. The Garden is open Monday-Friday from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm and on weekends from 9:00 am – 5:00 PM. For more information go to: Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. To arrange a tour, call (805) 682-4726.

Santa Barbara City College Garden/

Chumash Point Ethnobotanic Preserve

721 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara

The Lifescape Garden features a variety of low-water using and edible plants, as well as composting systems and efficient irrigation. Chumash Point emphasizes native plants from the range of the Chumash Indians. These plants have medicinal, nutritional and spiritual importance to the Chumash. Open sunrise to sunset every day. To arrange a tour, call (805) 965-0581.

Santa Maria Valley Sustainable Garden

624 W. Foster Road, Santa Maria

Demonstrates resource efficient landscaping, featuring low water using plants, efficient irrigation, lawn alternatives, composting, and use of paved areas. Self-guided tours only.

Open 8:00 am to sunset. For information, call (805) 568-3545.

Santa Ynez River Water Conservation District ID#1

Demonstration Garden

3622 Sagunto St., Santa Ynez

The District’s Demonstration Garden, “Parson’s Garden” (named after the late Bob Parsons who was the District Secretary to the Board for many years) includes a wide variety of drought-tolerant plants and shrubs native to the area. Pathways consist of fine crushed granite and all plants are watered using a drip system.

Open from sunrise to sunset. For information, call (805) 688-6015.

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Nonnative Plants: Ecological Traps – National Wildlife Federation

Nonnative Plants: Ecological Traps – National Wildlife Federation.

Meanwhile, homeowners can help by planting native trees and other plants in their yards. “We are so used to hearing disastrous environmental news, and it often seems there is little that one person can do,” says Tallamy. “But I’ve been going all over the country saying that you can do something. You can change the plants in your yard.” The caterpillars and the birds will thank you.